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Hallmark Office Furniture

5650 Guhn Road #124
Houston, Texas 77040

Artopex Take Off

Artopex Take Off

Imagine what your office could be if a designer could choose the best shapes, the right dimensions, the ideal surfaces, and pull them all together into a coherent whole, “custom tailored” just for you.

He could play with tones and contrast, match the color of the pedestal with the carpet, trim the desktop to coordinate with the walls, use contrasting finishes to highlight the drawer facades…and pick drawer pulls to suit your taste!

Visually contrasting shapes and finishes, coordinating accent furniture, pure lines, the Take Off signature is an assurance, a guarantee of success in all your office design projects.

With Take Off, that dream is a reality.

Artopex Take Off 1

Artopex Take Off 1

Whether you want a small multifunctional workstation or a high-profile executive suite, the many options of the Take Off collection allow a level of customization that reflects well on the company’s image and prestige.

Artopex 2

Artopex Take Off 2

If ever was a universal furniture collection for the office, Take Off is probably it. With its choice of styles, colours, and shapes, with all the functions that it offers and the versatility that results from its extreme modularity, this collection is certainly the ideal tool for the designer and architect used to high-end performance.

Artopex 3

Artopex Take Off 3

When prestige and total functionality are equally important, the Take Off collection has the right solution to meet the challenge, and aesthetic solution that is also budget wise.

Artopex 4

Artopex Take Off 4

Setting boundaries, creating privacy without sacrificing space or light, practical storage, and all the benefits of modern ergonomics . . .Take Off comfort.

Artopex 5

Artopex Take Off 5

Conference tables, or mobile accent tables and modular tables, not to mention storage units, audiovisual accessories and multipurpose wire management systems. . .

Artopex 6

Artopex Take Off 6

Take Off is also colour, a palette of infinite combinations, edges and pulls . . . new solutions . . . But, above all, it is a rational approach to design, a perfect marriage of innovation and function in an undeniably elegant package.

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