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Artopex Take Off

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Hallmark Office Furniture

5650 Guhn Road #124
Houston, Texas 77040


Artopex Take Off 1

Artopex Take Off 1

Available in antique white and teak finishes.
Artopex 2

Artopex Take Off 2

Available in honey and maritime maple finishes.
Artopex 3

Artopex Take Off 3

Available in douglas pine and cayenne maple finishes.

Design notes:
- Looks and function working hand in hand
- Take Off detailing is exclusive
- Wire management made simple and practical
- Take Off options for logical solutions
Artopex 4

Artopex Take Off 4

Available in cherry finish.

Design notes:
Personalizing your space means careful attention to the smallest details, options, colors . . .
Artopex 5

Artopex Take Off 5

Available in maritime maple and white finishes.

Design notes:
These tables are available with or without modesty panel, regular or multi-grommet, and flexible wire manager, fixed or adjustable legs or casters, etc.
Artopex 6

Artopex Take Off 6

Available in white, pecan, and teak finishes.