Hallmark Office Furniture


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Hallmark Office Furniture

5650 Guhn Road #124
Houston, Texas 77040


Supreme comfort doesn’t have to cost a lot.

From the break room to the boardroom, HON designs and manufactures a variety of durable desks, file cabinets, chairs, workstations and other office solutions that answers your every need.


Boda boasts a breathable mesh fabric that looks cool, keeps you cool, and carries a price that will have you saying “cool.” Available in two styles—one with a mesh back and seat; the other with a mesh back and mesh-covered cushioned seat. Both feature a sleek, integrated design, height-adjustable arms, and synchro-tilt so you can recline with ergonomic ease.


Comfort is experienced, not perceived. An office chair layered in bulky foam padding may look comfortable, but it also looks . . . well . . . bulky.

Technology has helped make everything slimmer, trimmer, and more streamlined—from TVs to mobile phones. Nucleus brings the same sophisticated, high-tech aesthetic to office seating without sacrificing comfort. Its unique construction distributes weight evenly across the seat and eliminates pressure points, delivering comfort without the bulk.



Executive Chairs

Present a professional image with our sophisticated executive/conference seating selections. Modern design and exceptional comfort combine to create stylish, durable chairs that enhance any office setting.

Guest / Public Spaces

Designed with welcoming comfort and style in mind, our guest chairs make a good impression and offer an inviting spot for visitors in offices and reception areas.

Specialty Chairs

These specialty task chairs adapt to any setting and feature enhanced durability.

Stacking Chairs

Upgrade your workspace with these attractive alternatives to plain folding chairs.

Task Chairs

Our durable, high-performance task seating is designed to adjust with you as you adjust to the demands of your workday.

Work Chairs

We make seats of all sorts because each work environment is different. Our work chairs look, feel and function in unique ways to support a variety of work activities and can be used in a variety of work environments—from private offices and conference rooms to open office plans.